woman 5

I have such a sweet tooth. This honey taste so sweet yet pure. Favorite with toasted bread and peanut butter.

Quinn Davis

woman 6

I use honey quite a bit, especially during cold and flu season. I love using it to make hot water, honey and essential oil "tea" to soothe sore throats. I use honey to make homemade breads, honey butter for Christmas gifts, PB and honey sandwiches, or anything else I can add it to :D I love the squeeze bottle because it has a cool valve that makes it so the honey doesn't drip everywhere.

Sandy Williams

man 1

I love to buy honey from a variety of places and markets, so I consider myself knowledgeable in terms of being able to link color to type of flavor. As such, I am always looking for a solid darker honey to bring out a deeper flavor in my baked goods (the secret ingredient, if you will) and was drawn to the amber color of this honey. I find myself using it so much more than just my baking. Other than a gypsy style whole wheat sweet bread or a chocolate chip cookie, this honey is key in my signature black tea with safflower and cream. Eaten on its own, the flavor has a way of grounding you and mellows you out. My absolute favorite aspect is that you can find this high quality and consistent honey anywhere. Cheers.

Casey Johnson

woman 3

I love natural sweeteners (don't use sugar at all) and this honey is my way to go - oatmeal, baking, and pretty much anything. My son loves to dip apple slices into it. This honey is pure, raw and natural, so together with the sweetness you get high nutritional value.

Robbie White